A fairy tale about dynamic manifest.json files: The journey continues…

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Hello folks and welcome to the next chapter of our fairy tale about dynamic manifest.json files. In the first chapter we’ve seen the context behind some of the decisions as well as some of the challenges that I’ve faced. But now… now we go to the fun part. In a quick roundup, by now we have:

  • Required resource files (manifest.json, pushwoosh-service-worker.js and the SDK loaded asynchronously)
  • All the required OutSystems developments for the previous bullet.

As someone would say… All aboard the night train!

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A fairy tale about dynamic manifest.json files: The First Chapter

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Good afternoon passengers. This is your captain speaking. Our today’s in-flight movie will talk about implementing web notifications with Pushwoosh and how a dynamic manifest.json file was required in order to support reusability. So let me start this fairy tale by giving an overview of what we’ll discuss. In this post, I’ll guide you through my challenges and decisions when implementing Pushwoosh’s Web Push SDK 3.0. Long story short, I did it, it’s available on forge and you’re free to use it!

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What to expect

Reading Time: 2 minutes

So you’ve come across this website and you’re wondering: what can I expect to take from here? Well, the answer is simple: mileage may vary.* If you still don’t know who the owner of this establishment is, I would advise you to take a quick peek here or through any social link on the footer of the page. But that’s not the point right now. The point is: what can I offer so you’ll return? Read More