How I met Joe

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Hello everyone. This will be a different post than usual. It won’t be related to Pushwoosh, errr… it will be related to Pushwoosh. But more than that, it will be related to Joe, another OutSystems community member that was having issues using the Pushwoosh Plugin for mobile apps. My experience with this has been previously documented and, when I saw the call for help on the community forum, I was like…


I’m not going to dwelve into the technical aspects of it – since I still need to build a proof-of-concept and, most likely, understand with someone from OutSystems R&D if that’s indeed the case and, most important, why. That will be for later.

Since I’m an “avid” user of the Pushwoosh Plugin, I’m following it on the Forge and, as such, I get alerts whenever something happens – which is nice -, I got the notification that someone, named Joe, was having issues using the plugin. Basic advice back and forth and nothing seemed to work.

I was wondering: “what the heck is going on?” (actual word was not heck but, you know, it’s a family blog…)

So I decided: let’s send him a message. Let me contact him and see in loco his issue. So I did it and after a couple of private messages, we were on Join Me, but he was having issues with the audio. Fear no more, we said at the same time – well, we didn’t really say that but… it’s cinematic! -, “give me your phone number and I’ll call you”. And that was it. My phone rang with an Whatsapp call.

For the next two hours, we used, WebEx and, eventually, we figured it all out. The plugin was now working and Joe was happy. He was so happy that he wanted to send me a gift! It took a bit – because, you know… GLS screwed up big time (which seems to be the norm) – but I got my hands on it:

How i met joe

I was not expecting anything neither I did this for a reward. I really want this to be the norm – and not the exception – on the OutSystems community. The community, by itself, is already an amazing one. But we can always improve – and make new friends! As the golden rule says: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”.

As about the bottle, I’ll certainly enjoy it in two weeks, when I celebrate my birthday: one year older, one friend more. (Read with Ted Mosby’s voice) “And that kids, was how I met Joe”.

Thanks Joe!

Cheers to you all!

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