It’s been a long time…

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…since I’ve wrote something here. Almost two months! But, fortunately, so many good things happened and that’s kind of why I went “off the grid”. But guess what…


I'm baaaack!


So, maybe you’re wondering: “what the hell happened?” and now, my friend, I’ll tell you what happened: life*.

* I really like how a generically-vague answer as life can fit everywhere


Let’s keep the generically-vague answers aside and let’s get to the point. As you know, I’m (almost) finishing my Master degree and I had to deliver assignments and complete the final terms of the two courses that I still had. Luckily, Enterprise Architecture is now complete and the absolutely amazing (read this with an ironic tone) Personal Portfolio II is pending evaluation. But that’s the boring part of it. Let’s get to the fun one!

So I’ve attended an Advanced Developer Bootcamp in the OutSystems offices and it was a really amazing experience. Despite having to miss the first day due to major personal reasons (well, you gotta take care of those who took care of you), I was able to attend the last four days with José Costa, trainer of ITUp, which were really fulfilling and allowed me to understand more of some topics which ended up helping in reaching my goals. And if you’re wondering which goals were those? Let me answer that with an image:

OutSystems Expert Web Developer (P10)


Yep, that’s right. I’ve finally reached the OutSystems Expert Web Developer certification for Platform 10! On my first try! It was amazing to receive the email stating that I’ve successfully completed. So amazing that, at the time, I was at the airport and I started dancing something very close to this:


Victory dance


In the end, I was just lucky that no security officer come around asking me questions. But let’s move on and talk about the future. So, since now I’ll only have to focus on my Master Thesis, I should be able to finish up the roadmap for April as well as publish some new versions of our** forge components along with some documentation.

** they aren’t just mine only, they belong to the community now.


Not only that, but I’ll give some heads up on what, why and how I’m doing my Master Thesis. Who knows if you, dear reader, can help me out by shouting some ideas? Let’s just wait and see.

Oh, I almost forgot. I’ll be also doing a very non-scientific review of the Advanced Developer Bootcamp as well as the Meetup that will happen today. In the case that you’re around Lisbon, just drop by OutSystems offices today and come talk with us about Advanced Mobile topics.


Take care!

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