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So you’ve come across this website and you’re wondering: what can I expect to take from here? Well, the answer is simple: mileage may vary.* If you still don’t know who the owner of this establishment is, I would advise you to take a quick peek here or through any social link on the footer of the page. But that’s not the point right now. The point is: what can I offer so you’ll return?

I really enjoy a saying which should be credited, alledgedly, to Miguel de Unamuno: Only one who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible. And that’s my driving factor: all the time, trying new things in order to solve daily problems – maybe that’s why I decided to create a dynamic manifest.json file using a REST Webservice. But more on that later.

We’re talking about what to expect and we can’t dissociate the expectations from the driving factors. As implied on “the owner’s presentation”, my choice of a Masters degree thesis/project was heavily influenced by my real-world experiences/needs/how-can-I-improve-quality-without-much-work reasons. So that’s why I’ve decided to try to create a framework for automated test case generation in the OutSystems platform. And the question may be: why OutSystems platform?

Well, the answer is simple:

  • We are European Champions in Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer, we have some of the best players in the world (Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardinho, for instance), and, obviously, the best low-code platform. I’ll follow up later with a post about low-code and no-code platforms.
  • I have been working with it, daily, for the last (almost) four years
  • It’s a really cool platform to use although mileage may vary*

Now that you know this, what can you expect? Very likely, the majority of the content will be highly related to either the OutSystems platform or any other additional work that I might be doing – side projects or, well… my Masters project. In some rare occasions, some non-techy related content might show up. Remember that this is a personal web page, a personal blog where I’ll showcase the awesome – for me they are awesome, okay? – things I try to build/do in my free time or, for some cases, during my non-free time! Tech guides, OutSystems components, rants, suggestions, calls for help, public service announcements, political speeches, announcements that I’ll be running for President… you can expect all of these. Some are most likely, others… well, not so much.

I’ll end it up here with some suggestion: if you think some subject would be a benefit to be discussed or for which I could give some guidance, feel free to let me know. Sometimes I might just run out of ideas…


Happy coding!



* I always saw this “mileage may vary” expression as “whatever it is, it’s your fault”.

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